Leveraging Email Analytics To Amplify Your Marketing Efforts – Business 2 Community

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Greg Mudd‘s insight:

A look at three different metrics you may want to analyze to help in improving your email marketing success so that you can improve upon your sales process. You can analyze using analytics that are built into the platform that you’re using, which can tell you how your target audience interacted with your message.

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4 Reasons You Should Be A/B Testing Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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The process of split testing has been a staple of the direct marketing, and more recently email marketing, field for decades now.  In case you are unfamiliar, split testing (or A/B testing) is when…

Greg Mudd‘s insight:

An effective email campaign should be targeted and tested. Targeted, to ensure the message is relevant for the recipient and tested to ensure the message is as effective as it can be. I think a lot of people ignore the importance of split testing therefore losing out on potential opportunities.

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