Iconic Mind: Our Blog Corner: Facebook Ads Versus Google Adwords

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In the world of digital marketing, there are the Facebook-heads (those who swear by the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook) and the Google Adwords-heads (those who are convinced that Adwords is the way to go). So who’s right?

Greg Mudd‘s insight:

At the end of the day there’s no right answer that applies to everyone – it all depends on your business as each platform requires a different approach, so what you need to decide is which approach suits you best. At the end of the day, doing some testing can help you decide what works best for your brand.

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Iconic Mind: Our Blog Corner: The Benefits of Big Data Marketing

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Each day, consumers are voluntarily posting vital information about their likes and dislikes on social media networks. By capturing and properly analyzing this data, businesses can have at their disposal the exact information necessary to improve their marketing efforts.

Each day, consumers are voluntarily posting vital information about their likes and dislikes on social media sites. If this data can be captured and adequately organized, businesses can have at their disposal the exact information they need to improve their marketing efforts. – See more at: http://iconicmind.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-benefits-of-big-data-marketing.html#sthash.oXo6ABqF.dpufEach day, consumers are voluntarily posting vital information about their likes and dislikes on social media sites. If this data can be captured and adequately organized, businesses can have at their disposal the exact information they need to improve their marketing efforts. – See more at: http://iconicmind.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-benefits-of-big-data-marketing.html#sthash.oXo6ABqF.dpuf
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Big Data To Recognize Individuals Instead of Stereotypes | Iconic Mind

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The problem is that no two people are actually the same, let alone a whole group of them. However usually they’re similar enough that you can get away with grouping them together with decent results.

Greg Mudd‘s insight:

Instead of receiving coupons for baby food when your household consists only of you, imagine receiving offers tailored specifically for you based on your behavior. Big Data gives the promise of businesses being able to better target your needs and desires and though you may be treated as a predictive output of a Big Data customer segmentation algorithm, it’s a lot closer to being treated like an individual than the way you, as a consumer, are currently being treated.

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Leveraging Email Analytics To Amplify Your Marketing Efforts – Business 2 Community

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Greg Mudd‘s insight:

A look at three different metrics you may want to analyze to help in improving your email marketing success so that you can improve upon your sales process. You can analyze using analytics that are built into the platform that you’re using, which can tell you how your target audience interacted with your message.

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Are You Positioned to Capture Your Piece of This Emerging $70 Billion Market? – Business 2 Community

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According to a Nielsen survey, more than half of the users between the ages of 18 to 44 in 2011 were smartphone owners. Fast forward to 2013, and Neilsen reports an almost 50% increase in these numbers, bringing the total to a little less than three in four users in the US alone. This same report indicates that three out of five smartphone users are women. In fact, accounting for the use of tablets, women made up 50% of the online shopping market for Q1 2013, up 16% from Q1 2012. In that same period, the youth market increased their purchasing by more than twenty percent.

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How to Make Your Content Come to Life

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…Think of the media as your stage. And content is your actor.You can dress up your actors and make them look pretty. But if they lack talent, no one will pay to see a mediocre performance.High-quality content coupled with SEO is like the A-list stars. They have lasting impact. And you never have to worry they won’t perform well.The good news is this: if you dress up your content, your stage can exist anywhere online. High-quality content brings a packed audience to your stage – whichever type of media you choose. Here are a few tips for how you can make your content come to life….

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Ways to Improve Your Calls to Action

There are two key elements to marketing. The first is to drive traffic to your website and the second is to get the traffic to convert into customers. You can have a million visitors going to your website, but if you can’t convert them, what’s the point? One of the easiest ways you can boost your conversion rates is by optimizing your call to actions (CTAs).

Words Matter

What’s in it for me? This is the question your visitors are asking themselves.  If you want to improve your call to action, then you need to address this question on your landing pages and you can do so by doing the following

  • Create a short introductory paragraph (50 words or less) that describes why your product or service is a necessity or so fantastic
  • Tell your visitors why you should be the product or service of choice as opposed to the competition (example: price comparison)
  • Use upbeat positive language and be personable – speak on a person to person level

You want to also think about what’s in it for your visitors when creating your button copy which will convert better if readers are more motivated to take action after reading the information on your landing page. To figure out the best text to put on your buttons, think about the following:

  • What is the website visitor’s motivation for clicking the button
  • What is the user going to get when clicking the button

Answering these questions will help in determining the biggest benefit your website visitors will receive and will be the basis for your button copy, allowing you to create button text that is highly related to what you are offering. Call to actions that are related to your product or service tend to convert better than generic call to actions.

Color Matters

Different colors have different meanings, for example green suggests growth and success or using red can sometimes create a sense of urgency. The use of colors can play a huge role in your conversion success so make sure to do some split testing to figure out which colors work best. You’ll want to make sure that your call to action stands out and that there’s a strong contrast between your button color and your page background.

For a more in depth look at how both button design, color and copy ran influence your conversion, check out this article on designing call to action buttons that convert.


Just like with any business, location is an important factor that can impact success. You’ll want to test different locations such as above the fold, below the fold, the side bar and any other sensible location. You shouldn’t assume that placing your CTA as the first thing your visitor sees w ill automatically boost conversions which is why you need to test.

Reduce Choices

When it comes to landing pages, offering more choice is not necessarily a good thing. Barry Schwartz, author of Paradox of Choice, reveals that people who are confronted with too many choices are unable to make a decision.  In discussing the phenomenon (Paradox of Choice (TEDTalk – 20 minutes) from which the book is titled, Schwartz shows that reducing the amount of choices can actually help in selling more. Optimize your landing page by accounting for the paradox of choice and simplifying your offering can actually help with increasing conversions.

  • If possible, look at creating a unique landing pages per product
  • Simplify your offer and focus on its core benefits
  • In most cases, you should seek creating only 1 CTA on any given page. When you need to have more than 1 offer per page, push customers toward a decision by informing them which offer better suits their needs based on their experience, budget or other relevant attributes
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