Finding The Right Technology Office Space

Office Space in Columbia Maryland

As a technology company that promotes an open door policy when it comes to communication and creativity, it was important for our company to find an office space that had a very open floor plan that was inline with our company culture. We were able to find the perfect office space Columbia MD (we had an office space in Annapolis MD prior) by doing a little research beforehand. There were a couple of pain points through the process though so I figure I’d write about how to find the right office space for your technology company to help smooth the process for anyone reading this article.

The right office space can really help with creating a positive work environment whereas getting it wrong can break your business as you’ll end up with a lot of aggravation, wasted money and possibly losing staff. It can be difficult striking a balance between affordability and finding the perfect office space, but it’s crucial to limit the mistakes that you make as you’ll be in that space for quite some time.

Let’s first discuss location. A few things to consider:

Neighborhood Safety – You want to make sure that the neighborhood that your office space is in is a safe area. A safe neighborhood helps to keep employee morale up. Additionally, if your the type of business that has clients coming by, it would be in your business’ best interest to have a location that has a good reputation.

Transport – If possible, especially if you’re in a metro area, you should try to find an office space that’s easy for people to commute to through a variety of methods. You should consider train, subway, bus, and bicycle routes as well as how easy it is to get to by automobile. You may even want to have an open discussion with employees to see how it would impact their commute, especially key staff that you don’t want to lose.

Amenities – Are there restaurants or other places close by where employees can buy their lunch? Perhaps a gym or yoga studio for employees to go to during their lunch break or right after work? Some place to take clients out to for drinks or a meal? Life doesn’t just carry on in the office space, but around it as well, so finding a premise that’s nearby various amenities will do your business good.

The second big factor to consider when getting a new office space is the building itself. What you should be looking at:

Security – This goes with the point made above about location and neighborhood safety. You want a building that’s secure so that staff doesn’t have to worry about items going missing. Find out what type of security is provided and whether there have been any obvious break-ins.

Property Management – Does the company that’s managing the building take care of it? Talk with tenants in the building to find out how the building managing team is as well as try to see if you can find any reviews online. Something else you’ll want to think about and discuss with the actual managing team is whether they going to run the building for the long haul or are they looking to sell within a few years?

Parking Lot/Bike Storage – What’s the point of finding an office space in Columbia MD or elsewhere for that matter that has easy travel routes if there’s no place to park a car or to store a bike. If the office space you’re looking at doesn’t have sufficient parking space, then is there a place close-by for employees to park? What about clients and other visitors?

Competitors – This might seem like something strange to consider, but you probably don’t want to share an office space with a rival company as they could possibly poach your employees or potential clients as well as other logistical problems.

These are only a few things that one should consider when looking for a technology office space in Maryland. Have you recently moved or are in the process of moving? What are some of the things that you consider important in an office space? Feel free to leave a comment below!





Choosing The Right Business Intelligence Solution | Infostream

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The evolution of business is accelerating exponentially.  In order for a company to thrive, they need to exercise a certain amount of business intelligence.  This concept includes a group of ideas, functions and tools that incorporate wise decision making within the modern technological landscape.  Understanding the role B.I. plays in the future of business is vital to fostering healthy growth.  The correct tool should fit the company like a glove.  It must be, amongst other things, adaptable, scalable, secure, affordable, and have the ability to report on a multitude of business trends.  It should inform of business practices and identify opportunities that allow the end user to make educated decisions….

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Iconic Mind: Our Blog Corner: Dominate The Marketplace with a Mobile-Enabled Sales Army

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The analogy between business and war is not a new one.  CEOs have been known to quote The Art of War, The Book of Five Rings and On War for years.  The reason is because there are strong parallels between the two.  Your business has competitors trying to steal market share from you, and you have to defend yourself from losing clients the same way an army has to defend its homeland.  At the same time, in order to grow you have to win new business by going on the offensive and either taking existing clients from the competition or landing new clients just entering the marketplace.

Greg Mudd‘s insight:

Business agility is the ability of your organization to be able to adapt quickly and effectively in an efficient manner to changes in the business environment.

If you’re looking at ways to make your organization more agile and faster to react to the marketplace then one solution to consider is cloud computing.

The more of your critical business intelligence you can store in a central location, which can be accessed from anywhere, the more easily you will be able to react to changes in the marketplace and grab an advantage over the competition.

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Soldsie Review: Businesses Can Triple Sales

Soldsie, a social commerce application with turns your Facebook and Instagram page into a point-of-sale platform has been getting a lot of attention as of late. Just take a look at the Soldsie review video below which features Dallas-based Accessory Conceirge, an eCommerce jewelry shop that was started by two mompreneurs and has turned into a million dollar business selling directly on Facebook using Soldsie.

Soldsie Review on How to Sell on Facebook from Josh Brown on Vimeo.

The appeal of using an application like Soldsie is that it offers the ability for businesses to marry social data with revenue. More importantly though, businesses that embrace the use of social commerce are leveraging the most effective marketing channel of all: social proof.

Utilizing social proof allows a business to take advantage of consumer psychology as it provides consumers with a cue.

Think about the following:

If no one is using a particular piece of technology (let’s say a Microsoft Zune), do you stay clear of it too? Instead, what if everyone you know decide to use an iPod instead… would that influence your decision as to which mp3 player to purchase?

How about if all your if your friends wear a certain brand of sneakers – do you desire to purchase the same brand or the opposite?

Social proof influences the way we behave and the decisions we make, from the the biggest decisions like where you want to live, down to the smaller every day choices like what to have for lunch.

Soldsie Screenshot

It’s due to this psychological factor and the lower barrier of entry when it comes to sales that Soldsie is such a genius concept. Users only need to comment ‘Sold’ to initiate the purchase process, meaning that they never have to leave Facebook or Instagram to purchase whatever product your business is selling, which can only help in increasing sales. Furthermore, comments act as social proof, helping to influence a customer’s friends. In turn, if those friends make a purchase via a comment, the social proof spreads to a new group of people and it’s for this reason that businesses typically triple their sales using Soldsie. Looks like selling on Facebook has gotten a whole lot easier.

Have you used Soldsie before? If so, we’d love to hear your review!

IT Consulting Company Iconic Mind Launches New Tool to Further Help Businesses

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Iconic Mind has been providing world-class business and IT consulting services to SMBs throughout Maryland and DC since 2002. The recent launch of a new tool will help businesses even more. Iconic Mind’s …

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Iconic Mind Helps Business Owners with Technology


Yahoo! Brilliant Mergers and Acquisition Deal to Buy Tumblr

Considering that Yahoo payed over 5 billion for and over 3 billion for tumblr, this seems like a bargain for Yahoo.

24/7 Wall St.

Yahoo_LogoYahoo! Inc.’s (NASDAQ: YHOO) $1.1 billion cash buyout of Tumblr already has been criticized because of the large sum involved compared to Tumblr’s extremely modest revenue, estimated at $13 million last year. However, the decision’s brilliance arises from Yahoo!’s needs to add audience and a means to tap a new online market that numbers in the tens of millions. M&A deals should be measured by their ability to transform the buyer as much as by an immediate, narrow financial effect.

Analysts have compared the Tumblr decision in relationship to AOL Inc.’s (NYSE: AOL) buyout of The Huffington Post and Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) purchase of YouTube. The three deals actually have little in common. AOL paid $315 million two years ago, a reasonable multiple give Huffington’s $60 million in sales the year before. In the process, AOL transformed the quality of its editorial content…

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