Soldsie Review: Businesses Can Triple Sales

Soldsie, a social commerce application with turns your Facebook and Instagram page into a point-of-sale platform has been getting a lot of attention as of late. Just take a look at the Soldsie review video below which features Dallas-based Accessory Conceirge, an eCommerce jewelry shop that was started by two mompreneurs and has turned into a million dollar business selling directly on Facebook using Soldsie.

Soldsie Review on How to Sell on Facebook from Josh Brown on Vimeo.

The appeal of using an application like Soldsie is that it offers the ability for businesses to marry social data with revenue. More importantly though, businesses that embrace the use of social commerce are leveraging the most effective marketing channel of all: social proof.

Utilizing social proof allows a business to take advantage of consumer psychology as it provides consumers with a cue.

Think about the following:

If no one is using a particular piece of technology (let’s say a Microsoft Zune), do you stay clear of it too? Instead, what if everyone you know decide to use an iPod instead… would that influence your decision as to which mp3 player to purchase?

How about if all your if your friends wear a certain brand of sneakers – do you desire to purchase the same brand or the opposite?

Social proof influences the way we behave and the decisions we make, from the the biggest decisions like where you want to live, down to the smaller every day choices like what to have for lunch.

Soldsie Screenshot

It’s due to this psychological factor and the lower barrier of entry when it comes to sales that Soldsie is such a genius concept. Users only need to comment ‘Sold’ to initiate the purchase process, meaning that they never have to leave Facebook or Instagram to purchase whatever product your business is selling, which can only help in increasing sales. Furthermore, comments act as social proof, helping to influence a customer’s friends. In turn, if those friends make a purchase via a comment, the social proof spreads to a new group of people and it’s for this reason that businesses typically triple their sales using Soldsie. Looks like selling on Facebook has gotten a whole lot easier.

Have you used Soldsie before? If so, we’d love to hear your review!


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