Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Increase Traffic Business Using Pinterest

Last year, Pinterest introduced Pinterest for Business which incorporates  a set of features tailored specifically for businesses, such as analytics to track traffic as well as repins, all with the idea of helping businesses expand their presence on the site. With Pinterest being able to drive as much traffic as Facebook and Twitter, setting up an account for your business would be a great idea to push additional traffic to your website. If you’re looking to set up a business account for Pinterest to get more traffic, here are a few tips to help you.

Post Original Content

While you should always strive to create and add original content on all your social networks, there is an even more compelling reason to do this when using Pinterest.  According to RJMetrics, up to 80% of pins are actually repins of someone else’s content.  This means that you have a fantastic opportunity of separating yourself from everyone else by posting original content.

When you pin original content, you may want to think about adding a watermark of your logo to your image, allowing you to preserve pin integrity.  This way the image will always stay connected to your website, and will continue to promote your brand. Also, if you are  adding an image from your computer as opposed to pinning from your website, make sure that you edit the pin after so that you can add a link. One of the most common mistakes people make when uploading an image is to miss this step which means zero traffic going back to their site. When an image is not pinned from a website, Pinterest defaults it to a dead link until you add one.

Include Calls to Action in Your Pins 

According to Reachli, did you know that using “call to action” increases the engagement (repins, comments, likes) of a pin by 80%?   The thing to note though is that Pinterest automatically generates a caption for your pins or repins, so it’s important not to be lazy and to come up with a caption that will get a user to interact with your pin in a meaningful way (repin, visit your website, etc.). Think about adding phrases like “click here,” “comment below” or “repin this” in every caption. You could even include a call to action in the actual image of your pin.

Keep Search Engines in Mind When Naming Your Images

Pinned images are not only able to be found within Pinterest, but can be indexed and found using search engines, therefore to maximize the chances of your images being seen, make sure to name them with a descriptive file name, preferably containing keywords for which you want your content to rank, prior to pinning them.

Be Social!

As with any social network, it’s important to interact and engage with your followers. Make sure to repin, like, comment, and follow other user’s pins and boards. In addition, you have the ability to invite users to be contributors to your boards. By making sure you interact with users, you’ll be able to generate greater interest in your own content, build relationships, and increase your following.


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