Tips on Managing Social Media for Multiple Brands


Managing a handful of social media outlets for a single brand might not be too difficult if you’re experienced with this type of marketing, but when you get into multiple brands or businesses, it is an entirely different story. A company that has more than one brand under their corporate umbrella  demands exceptional management skills from the head of their social media marketing team. Managing social media requires someone with excellent organizational skills and the ability to stay ahead of the game at all times.

Whether you are just getting your feet wet with social media, or have been around for a while, the following tips can prove helpful.

Use Management Tools

Management tools are going to become your new best friend. There are a variety of tools to use for managing social media, but three stand out from the crowd: HootSuite, Buffer and Sprout Social.

HootSuite tends to get the most press since it’s been around the longest, but take a look at the others as well. With HootSuite, you choose from different packages, depending on how big your businesses are and how often you use it. If you have a medium-sized business with four different brands to manage, the Pro or Enterprise package is going to be useful. Some of the benefits of HootSuite include having access to multiple profiles, scheduling future updates or tweets, Google Analytics, RSS feeds, and tracking follower engagement.

Buffer also lets you schedule a number of future tweets and updates for your various social media brands, along with additional features. If you want to manage all of your social media brand accounts on a single feed, use Sprout Social.

Schedule Future Activity

One of the biggest benefits to using social media management tools, is being able to schedule future activity. This feature is essential when you have more than one business or brand. It’s nearly impossible to be at your computer 24/7 making sure you update each social media site, for each brand you have. Once you have accounts with the management tool of your choice, begin scheduling future activity. Because you don’t want to post updates all at the same time, scatter them throughout the week, with at least one update from each brand on each site, once a day. This keeps your brand relevant and constantly engaging with others. If at any time, you change your mind about when the status update should go through or how to word it, it is easy to go in and revise or delete your activity.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Find a safe way to get all of your accounts organized, as this helps you keep track of each one individually. Things like usernames and passwords should never be in a document on your computer. Instead use a password-protected site like Google Docs or Dropbox, being sure the password for that site is extreme difficult to hack into. Keep a spreadsheet for each brand you have, with tabs for each of the social networks. Here, enter the username, password, logo or brand information, things to remember, ideas for future updates, and anything else you can come up with. Organization is vital if you’re managing more than one brand.

By organizing your different brands and using management tools, you’re able to be in charge of all social media accounts without falling behind. If you need assistance, hire a social media manager to help you out with the more technical aspects.


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