Hate Keeping Up With Home Maintenance? Brightnest Can Help


Brightnest’s co-founder Justin Anthony describes his startup as “a digital dashboard for your home.” And after using the service that past few weeks, I understand that analogy. Brightnest brings not only home maintenance, but home ownership, into the Internet age.

Brightnest launched in early 2012. The company has since raised just over $1 million in funding led by TechStars’ David Cohen. 500 Startups, OCA Ventures, Quotidian Ventures and a handful of angels also participated. A graduate of 500 Startups, the company’s genesis came after the two co-founders were driving around and released that a car has an information display that can tell the owner all sorts of things. But a house doesn’t.

Now 18 months and one slight pivot later, Brightnest is, as Justin told me, serving its users with a very relevant, personalized experience through an engaging and smart signup process.

It takes about a minute to sign up…

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