6 Ways to Utilize Mobile Marketing


As technology advances, so does the way you advertise your business. Marketing is relying more on alternative sources of web traffic, such as social media and mobile marketing. A study done by market researchers for Neilsen showed an increase of market penetration from 2009 when only 18% of the US population had smartphones to 2011 where 44% of the US population had a smartphone.

Smartphone Penetration


With mobile marketing, you’re focusing on the millions of smartphone users that are using their phones for browsing the web and choosing purchases from businesses with apps. By using mobile marketing, you can advertise the products and services you offer by targeting a significant demographic.

1.  SMS Messaging – This is perhaps the most direct way to increase your customer base and purchases. Short message services (SMS), or texting, allows you to send instant updates to customer’s mobile phones. With their permission, send things such as upcoming deals or promotions, special coupon codes or announcements about new products released. Include a clickable link within the text that goes straight to your website.

2. Sign Up for Check-In Services – Mobile phone users enjoy social media, including “checking in” with apps like Facebook and Foursquare. You can take advantage of this by registering your business with these sites. What this does and gets your business known by a wider selection of people, for the use in local advertising. Every time a user “checks in” at your business or store, all of their followers will see this. Many of these sites also allow the mobile phone user to add a review or picture.

3. Mobile Friendly Website – Mobile phone users are not only using various apps and social media more, but they are also viewing websites and browsing the web from their phone’s browser. Cater to the demographic by having a mobile-friendly website. It should be easy to access and navigate from any mobile phone, which you can verify by trying to visit the site from your own phone. Many any necessary revisions in order to have content seen easily from mobile phones.

4. Mobile Advertising – Your phone in mobile marketing tactics should also be on advertising with mobile phones. Mobile advertising can be done through various ads and banners, such as what you see on websites. Place ads on different apps and programs that allow them and that your target demographic will be using.

5. Create an App – Even simple apps get downloaded and used often. If you can get an app designed for your business, you will certainly increase your mobile marketing potential. Have the app developer create it for multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. The app can be extensive and detailed, or be simple and offer customers up-to-date information, shopping through the app or access to special discounts.

6. QR Codes – Quick response (QR) codes are square-shaped scanning codes filled with pixels and work like a barcode scanner. A mobile phone can scan the QR codes, which can be placed on anything from a mail insert to a business card, and the user then has access to special deals and coupons. By using QR codes on your print advertising, it gets users involved with their mobile phones.

Consider these six ways to focus on mobile marketing and reach a wider audience. The majority of adults use apps, Internet and text messaging on their phones, therefore making it essential to advertise with mobile phones.


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