Tesla Turns First Profitable Quarter

Tesla Profitable



Tesla Motors has announced that it is expecting a profitable first quarter, for the first time in history, as sales of their electric sedan have exceeded expectations. The company had previously estimated sales of approximately 4,500 of their sedans, however Tesla produced more than 4,750 sedans, with none languishing on a sales lot.

Additionally, Tesla announced that it will no longer be making the cheapest version of their Model S sedan which was a 40 kWh model as orders for that model were quite low, only accounting for about 4% of what was output in the first quarter. The cheapest model will now be the 60 kWh Model S ,  which is rated to go about 208 miles per charge. Tesla will also have a 85 kWh version of their Model S which is government rated for 265 mile per single charge, which is the most any major electric car in the market can currently go.

Tesla has been able to stand out from the rest of the electric car industry due to the fact that their cars have a longer range than most other electric cars which typically get 100 miles or less per charge.



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