Paul Graham Says Y Combinator Is Pickier Than Ever, With ‘Hardly Any’ Bad Startups In Current Batch


Before the pitches kicked off at today’s Y Combinator Demo Day, partner Paul Graham said the incubator was stricter than ever when selecting the current batch — there are 47 companies demonstrating today, compared to 75 in the last session.

“There are hardly any startups in this batch that are bad,” Graham said.

For that reason, he claimed that it will be just as hard for investors at this demo day as in the past to select the best startups. That’s a general complaint about demo days in general, especially YC’s (where there are more presentations, and those presentations are only a few minutes long), but Graham said it’s not about the format. When it comes to choosing winners, Graham said, “if it seems like it’s hard, it actually is hard.” He added that it’s best to think about the presentations as a “live action” name tag, and that…

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