Artist Mari Yamazaki To Give Steve Jobs Biography Manga Treatment


Artist Mari Yamazaki will be creating a manga adaption of the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. The manga will be drawn in a semi-realistic monochrome style and will present Steve Jobs as a misunderstood genius, a bad boy druggie, a ever learning child…

You can get a look at the first few pages of the manga on Yahoo! Japan’s online bookstore or from Cult of Mac.

Steve Jobs Manga

“[I]t’s quite unlike anything I’ve read before,” writes the Verge’s Sam Byford.

The first volume of the story is in the May 2013 issue of a girls’ comic anthology named “Kiss” and it doesn’t shy away from giving Isaacson’s biography a solid nod right away. “Told from Isaacson’s perspective, it begins with Jobs repeatedly nagging the biographer to write his story — a conversation that persists over the first fifteen pages before a call from Jobs’ wife Laurene Powell finally breaks Isaacson’s resolve,” Byford explains.

The story quickly jumps to Jobs’ childhood days before walking readers through his life — there are moments in which a young Jobs wonders if his parents love him, schoolboy pranks, and drug experimentation — up to his first meeting with future partner Steve Wozniak.


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