Google Glasses Ban Hammer

5 Point Cafe, a bar located in Seattle, is the first business to declare a ban on the not yet available product Google Glasses. The established made a post via their Facebook page making the announcement that they would be the first business to place an advanced ban on the product and that ‘butt kicking will be encouraged for violators.’

While this is definitely a bit of a way to generate publicity for the business, the folks running the establishment are making it clear that they mean business. This also leaves very little doubt that sooner other businesses will follow suit and place a ban on the product.

The image below is a quote from Dave Meinert who is the owner of 5 Point Cafe:

Google Glasses

So what type of impact does this leave for Google’s latest product that’s set to launch at the end of 2013 for public use? At the least it shows that concerns over privacy are coming out front and center and will be something that the company’s PR team will need to address if they’re hoping for wide acceptance and use of the product.


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